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Improve your Customer Satisfaction Rates with a CRM Software

In today’s growing world of competitive markets, ensuring your customers are satisfied with your services and products has never been so important. There are endless benefits in using a CRM software to assist in developing customer loyalty.  

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First, it is critical for your sales team to have access to accurate customer information to manage customer needs and oversee sales. With a CRM software, customer data is at your fingertips, there is access to customer preferences, previous orders, current product interests, and more. A CRM gives your sales team an opportunity to generate greater sales by being aware of your customers’ purchasing history and selecting complementary products based on what they already have in use.  

More than having access to customer intel, a CRM gives you the ability to create marketing emails and campaigns while keeping track of which customers are viewing your emails. This gives you the opportunity to narrow in on your leads and increase your sales. Your marketing efforts can be made personal to your customers, updating them with information you know is relevant to their needs. Getting to know your customers will encourage you to target your marketing efforts and improve their satisfaction.  

Ultimately a CRM software is worth the investment  

There are many intangible and tangible benefits of having a CRM software. It can increase your revenue, by allowing your sales team to familiarize their efforts with their customers. Creating email campaigns, tracking your leads, and being responsible for customer data gives you the ease of growing your company using a software.

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By Mary Varughese
Using Salesmanna, You’ll Always have a Team

Using Salesmanna, You’ll Always have a Team   

 You’ll Always have a Team


How to Create Teams  

Behind the scenes of your Salesmanna account, we encourage you to stay organized! Under the Teams tab, on the left of your dashboard, you’ll find out how you can organize and maintain your employees in a desired format, specific to your company’s needs.  

Let’s walk through the process. After you’ve clicked Teams, you’ll have the option to create a new team using the blue plus sign in the upper left-hand corner.  Once you have clicked to add a new team, you will see a screen similar to what you see below:

 New Team

The next step is simply choosing your team name. Many companies group teams together based on departments, manager positions, or sales team. However, one thing we love about Salesmanna is that you can choose to organize your company as you please!  

You can send conversation alerts by just checking the box under the Team name. If you choose to do so, you can receive alerts of contact between team members. 

Next, be sure and add a description and add team members to the desired groups. Once you create the team it will appear on the homepage for your employees to view.   

The main benefits of teams are:

-Creating Teams allows you to use each feature of Salesmanna to its full potential.

-Teams keep your employees organized and enhances communication within each department.

-Our Teams feature helps you tag your cohorts for streamlined tracking of goals and opportunities.

Sharing an opportunity with your teammates is vital for continuity of business. Don’t miss out on the collaboration that could be taking place within your sales organization!


If you have any needs or concerns related to filling and executing on your sales pipeline, please feel free to reach out. We are available to help and are happy to lend our resources to provide value. You’ll always have a team here at Salesmanna.

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By Michael Griffin
5 Reasons You Need a CRM 

Salesmanna exists to help your customer journey become simpler. Find out how a CRM will serve you by checking out this quick tip list on why you need a CRM.

5 Reasons You Need a CRM

Interested in closing more business deals? Frustrated with not knowing where to narrow in when it comes to potential customers? We get it. CRM is specifically designed to help you take your business to the next level. CRM software gives your business a central place to store all data and it’s all presented in a format that won’t make you scream. 

Allowing you to focus on your customers and close more deals.



First and Foremost: Safety  

Ensuring the safety of your company’s contacts, files, and other important documents is one of the many reasons why CRM software exists. It enables sales people to have a center place of storage for their sales opportunities. CRM software gives unlimited access to the database from multiple locations, ensuring all your information is correctly stored.

Define and Target your Audience 

CRM helps identify which leads can turn into customers by allowing you to track which customers are opening emails and which aren’t. This gives you a clear understanding on where you should be spending your time and who is worth your time.  

Spend a little, Save a lot  

CRM software is ultimately an investment back into your own company. It allows you to save money in the long run, by reducing errors made by sales people. The cost made by an error can easily be much higher than your CRM costs. CRM also saves you time. What is more valuable to your company than time? By helping you define your potential customers, you are given more time to invest into those leads and current customers.  

Know your Customer 

Knowing your customer is your key to success. All customer- related data is stored within your CRM, allowing you to analyze the needs of customers and in some cases, anticipate their future issues.  Knowing your customer adds value to your company because it increases customer satisfaction and ultimately higher profits.   

Stay updated  

CRM ensures all team members are connected through shared calendars and e-mail integration. CRM encourages the communication between sales management and sales people.

We would love to provide more value to you on a consistent basis. Please reach out for any suggestions or requests.

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By Michael Griffin
Creating a One-Time Campaign in Salesmanna

Be the designer of your email content with Salesmanna features:

Creating a One-Time Campaign  

Creating content for your customers has never been simpler. Salesmanna allows you to personalize your newsletters, also known as a one-time campaign, to fit your business’s style and convey your message your customer. 

The Email Design tab will take you exactly where you need to be to start creating. Choose the blue plus sign in the top left.  


Be sure to add a clear title and a subject line. When deciding what to enter for your title, consider what you want your customers to think when they see your email in their inbox.  

After you have decided to customize either a plain text email or a graphical one, you can move forward to designing your content! This is the fun part.  

If you decided to create using the graphical option, after you clicked on design you will see several options of “blocks” to choose from.  

Newsletter builder

You are free to add blocks to your desired format, insert images that coordinate with your content, and adjust font size and color! Type your desired content within the textboxes and add additional blocks if needed. 

Once you have created a newsletter you are pleased with, enter in an email address to view how your content will appear to your customers. 

Address line 

If you want to keep editing, you are free to go back in and make the desired changes.  

Ready to send out your one-time campaign?  

Begin by selecting campaigns and add a new campaign.  


Choose one-time campaign, unless you are wanting to send out a series or advanced campaign. From there add your newsletter using the change button, next to email.  

 campaign 2

Select your desired email and send or schedule when you would like your email to be sent.

After you send the email, Salesmanna allows you to track metrics on your email performance. This allows you to adjust your pitch to fit your target market. If you have any questions, please reach out and we are happy to serve you.

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By Michael Griffin
Marketing Automation made simple – New Campaign Options!

Salesmanna Marketing Automation has gotten a face lift!

The Salesmanna team gets really excited when new features come out. This feature is no exception! Our marketing automation platform is changing a bit in the recent release. Let’s walk you through the basics of this change. When you begin a campaign, you now have three options: One-time send (formerly newsletters), Series (time based drip), and Advanced (with workflows and triggers).

Salesmanna Campaigns

One-time Send Campaigns

The One-time Send Campaigns, formerly known as newsletters, are for immediate engagement. You can easily and quickly send email blasts by adding your favorite mailing list of prospects, and either schedule or send the email immediately. When you create this email, below are your options:CampaignYou can populate your campaign title, change the “reply-to” email (as long as your domain is verified), and select your email from the Email Designer. This also allows your design a new email if you haven’t done this yet. After your email is selected, you can very simply send or schedule for the most impact possible. After your newsletter is sent, you can see the below statistics to see how many people are clicking and opening your blast.Email Campaign

Series (Drip) Campaigns

Series Campaigns are the next exciting feature in this release. This option allows you to set specific time intervals for reaching out on multiple occasions. Let’s say you wanted to stay in touch, but you know your prospect may not buy from you immediately. The Series Campaign gives you the opportunity to do this without having to manually send an email every time.Series Campaign details

Advanced Campaigns

The Advanced Campaigns feature is what you would think of when you have used any of our campaigns in the past. We realized through this revision that not everyone wanted the robust capabilities of this feature, but there would be users who would still benefit from using it. If you haven’t seen this feature before, it is seen below. You can set up follow up calls, events, and specific events based on your prospect’s actions. This allows you to fine tune your marketing effort to be more targeted and segmented.

Advanced Campaign

If you’re ready to take a spin with Salesmanna, go to our free trial page and sign up for a week on us!

We would love to answer any questions you have. Please reach out if you need assistance making the decision on a simple CRM and Marketing Automation solution.

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By Michael Griffin