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Tips for Building Better Web Forms

Ever heard the phrase “Ask the right question, get the right answer”? Web Forms are one of the top ways we can learn about a potential customer or prospect before we even make contact.

One of the key goals of a web form is to help you identify the wants of someone who interacts with you. They’re looking for a desired outcome, and it’s your job to help guide them down that path. What are some of the key tips to understanding web form success?

  1. Make the form easy to understand. Studies show that the shorter the length of the form, the more likely you are to have someone answer all the questions.
  2. Ask questions that show distinction between clients. The last thing a client wants is to have their time wasted. Look to add questions that distinguish your customer’s needs so that you’re specific and credible when you follow up with them.
  3. Don’t always ask yes or no questions. It’s easier to help identify the unique nature of the request and garner better specifics for follow up if you know a touch more than yes or no.
  4. Make contact information a required field. This seems easy enough, but it’s easy to forget that the ability to follow up is the most pertinent information you need. Don’t forget that you can ask additional questions such as preferred mode of communication and how to reach someone.
  5. Bring value to desired outcomes. Ask the prospect how they’d like to receive follow up. Maybe they would like immediate attention, or maybe just to be added to your email list. You never know until you ask.
  6. Send an immediate follow-up before responding. A form email is fine, but specify in the email your thanks for their submission and when someone will respond.

Lastly, remember that the form is just one strong tool in the sales process. The most important piece in the process, is you, the seller. How you react to that information and how you follow up will be the key to converting prospects into clients.

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By Emily Cox
Create and Manage Your Growth Strategy with Salesmanna

What makes us business savvy? Is it a go-getter attitude? A challenging client obstacle that you’ve helped to overcome? The moment where you look back at how far you’ve come and realize it’s a longer way then you imagined?

The real truth behind sales success is that there’s no lack of effort. As much as I wish it existed, there is no “Easy” button.  You have to put elbow grease into attaining the best clients, and you can’t win without trying.

When working with Salesmanna and remembering what value I want to receive from my software, I look at what I’m putting into it and what I need to hit my numbers. Here are some of the ways that I use my software to grow business:

Focusing on prospects. Am I spending enough time working on new leads? Even when business is busy, the best way to keep business going is to nurture it consistently. Down time is the enemy!

Asking for referrals. How many times have you asked existing customers if they’ll be a referral for you? Or if they’ll help connect you to a mutual prospect? It’s probably one of the best ways to meet new customers.

Warming up cold calls. Grab the bull by the horns. Your prospect most likely wasn’t waiting all day for your call. Give them a good reason to speak to you. The referral will open a door just enough to stand out from other calls.

Telling a success story. Use your email marketing automation tool to build a success story. Who isn’t a little interested in how to be more successful?

Building a web form. This process enables you to capture better, more qualified leads. How much stronger is your lead when you already know a little about them? A LOT.

Track your networking. I meet a lot of great contacts at events. Salesmanna’s app is fantastic for photographing business cards and logging contacts instantly.

Customer Retention. What was your last interaction with your customer? You won’t lose track when you look at your activity. Everything you do – text, calls, and emails – are connected to your cell phone. When you create communication, you’ll receive the positive feedback that you need from your customers.

CRM’s are extremely valuable, but it’s all about what effort you put in. They help you manage and retain customers and focus your business development efforts. The value of a CRM is that one good client usually pays for the entire system. If you want your best ROI, working with a CRM like Salesmanna will be the difference between wanting success and creating it.

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By Emily Cox
Web Forms

Today’s announcement from Salesmanna might change your life.

What if you had a way to know what prospects are thinking before you speak to them? What if you could ask them what they’re most interested in knowing about your products and services, before you ever speak? What if there was a way to capture that information as a lead, right as the information is submitted, so that you have their contact information stored and secured?

The most reliable information about a prospect comes straight from the prospect. That’s why Web Forms matter. Web Forms can be created by anyone, and they plug straight into your website or microsite. The form can capture any information you ask, and now, you can create these forms in Salesmanna.

It takes just a few steps to create a Web Form. First, select the questions you want answered. Do your prospects have a need they’re looking to fill, and could your product potentially fill that need? Are they interested in a specific product or service? Do you need their email or their phone number? The form is easy to make and drop into your website or current marketing campaigns.

So once you ask it, what happens next? Here’s where Salesmanna comes in. When the form is completed, the information is added directly into Salesmanna as a new contact. That lead is provided to you with the information secured from the form. Now, you can know exactly what your prospect wants to know prior to reaching out to them. Web Forms warm up cold calls and open discussions to develop business.

When working with Web Forms, the information you receive is only as good as the questions you ask. So it’s important to think through how a prospect might want to engage with you, and how many questions they’re willing to answer prior to submitting.

Creating a form is easy. The hardest part will be wishing you’d implemented this sooner. Salesmanna’s Web Forms do the work for you to make sure you capitalize on leads and have the knowledge to convert prospects into sales.

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By Emily Cox
Salesmanna and the POSEC Method

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned” ~ Benjamin Franklin

What’s the most precious resource you have? It’s not money or leads (though we can all use more). It’s time. We can’t create more hours in the day, unless you’re super-human and need a lot less sleep than the rest of the world. We can, however, make better use of it.

Time spent in preparation pays for itself, and that’s a partial reason why a CRM tool is worth the time and investment. The POSEC method stands for Prioritize by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing, and Contributing. The method assumes that to accomplish a goal, attention must be focused on daily responsibilities. The details of the POSEC method of time management are:

  • Prioritize—arrange your tasks in order of importance based on your goals and available amount of time.
  • Organize—provide a structure for your most basic tasks, especially those that are performed on a daily basis.
  • Streamline—simplify “nuisance” tasks, such as those tasks that are required for operations but are your least preferred tasks.
  • Economize—achieve those things you would like to do but fall low on your list of priorities.
  • Contribute—occurs when tasks are completed and you are able to “give back” to your team.

So how can you utilize the POSEC method and Salesmanna to be more efficient? First, use Salesmanna to prioritize and organize your tasks. Streamlining will automatically come as you systematize your prospects and priorities. Economize what you can close now, and what you can target later. How important is it to spend time on certain prospects that are time-sensitive? And lastly, you can contribute more when you’re able to see successes that you’ve had and are building upon those.

The more that your priorities are organized daily, the more you can build your foundation of success, and that’s one of the many reasons why Salesmanna is essential for developing a complete Customer Relationship Management strategy.

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By Emily Cox
Salesmanna Apps Give YOU the Advantage

We’re continually working to update our Salesmanna mobile apps to keep you on top of your game. First, the Android version is now available, so both Android and Apple users can track activity with the Salesmanna app while on the go.

Salesmanna Connect is also included in the app starting at 20 hours of talk per month. This feature will allow you to call using Voice Over IP technology, which means that you can make phone calls over the internet instead of through your cellular carrier. This allows Salesmanna to capture the conversation and save it to your account under the contact you were talking to. And let’s say the business phone you use is also a personal phone. You can choose the number you want displayed when you call out to your prospects and customers. The number you choose will be your best callback number, whether it’s your cell, office or desk line. If you use your personal cell for work and want to keep that number private, you can use an assigned number the app will provide. If your customers return your call to that number, they will still reach you directly at your mobile device.

Let’s say you’re new to Salesmanna and you already have most of your contacts in your phone. You can import them into the app. You’ll want to do this because it will allow business calls to be noted in your call logs, and it doesn’t take away from minutes. You can access your call logs right from the app. In Settings, click on “Import Contacts” and you’ll see every contact you have in your phone. Then, with a quick click, the contacts you select will be added in.

And, if you’re looking for a way to record your conversations for training purposes, this device allows you to do it. In Settings, click the microphone icon, and you’re ready to go. You can review your audio and improve your skills with this feature.

You’ve got enough to think about when it comes to closing sales. Let Salesmanna’s apps set the stage and track the hard work that will get you to your goals.

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By Emily Cox