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Feature improvement – Marketing Email Designer

We have done some work under the hood with our email designer. We think you’ll like it.

Being able to “recycle” emails is a valuable part of any marketing blast. You may have different segments, tags, or companies you are targeting for your campaigns. You may not always want to recreate old emails if you are repurposing them. Our Email Designer now allows you to clone, reuse, and retitle emails to fit the crowd you are engaging.

What does this look like?

The clone button is the capstone to the email designer revamp. It allows you to use the exact same email as a template for your new email, while maintaining the original construct. Within the email designer, you can also easily see where your email is being used.

Email Designer

Why do I want this feature?

Being able to duplicate emails in your campaigns and newsletters removes something: pain. It takes away the agony of having to remember your content, re-upload images, and replicating layouts. This saves you a massive amount of time, and gives you the ability to focus on other tasks. In one word, this feature is incredibly valuable.

How do I use it?

When you go into your Email Designer tab under Marketing, you can see all of the emails you have created. You can easily sift through and filter what is useful to you, as well as find the email you want to duplicate. Once you have located the desired email, you can see where the email is being used, what the subject/editor/update date is, and other options for editing. Press the clone button on the top-right of the email to duplicate, and you will have a new window or tab open. You can make any changes in the editor to tailor to your specific audience, then save and test to make sure images and text render properly.

There you have it!

You are ready to use our Email Designer in its new-and-improved fashion. Our hope is that your efforts will be streamlined and your valuable time will be maximized.

Please reach out and say hello! As always, our desire is for you to get out of the red and into the black. We would love to know how we can do this for you.

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By Michael Griffin
CRM Simplicity for Everyone

Does your CRM software work as hard as you do? If you have to bend over backwards to accomplish something in your CRM, maybe it is time for a change. Enter: Salesmanna. In this brief post, I will explain 3 reasons Salesmanna can help you improve your sales process.


-Personal Information Management

The PIM section is an all-in-one hub for you to check your appointments, mail, and tasks for the day. The calendar default view is “Month” view, so you can get a 30,000 ft. view on your month. You can easily schedule appointments, calls, emails, and various other activities in one pane. You can send emails, put deadlines on your tasks, and check things off your list when you are done.


This is where you start to see how Salesmanna is a simple CRM. You can perform most necessary sales functions in the Contact List section. This will show you what companies and contacts on which you are calling. You can easily drill down to create an email, call a contact (and record the call!) from Salesmanna, and schedule a meeting.



Salesmanna has a simple Expenses section which will help to lower your administrative time and cost. There is an individual user section for your own expenses, and a manager can see the expense overview to approve outstanding expenses. This can include mileage, meals, airfare, entertainment, and many more categories. For opportunity cost tracking, you can attach your expenses to a contact to make it easier.

-Reporting on opportunities

The most important thing for your sales team and your manager is to know where your opportunities stand. Our Opportunities section will allow you to filter by close %, Owner, Opportunity, and other custom fields that you can set.

As a manager, you have access to a group of pre-built reports, but can also create one based on existing fields. If our reporting console gets too complicated, reach out! We would love to help you get the information that will propel your organization.



Our Teams section will allow you to share contact information that may be sensitive or role-specific. As an admin, you can simply invite users to be a part of your group, or request access if you do not “own” the group rights.


To collaborate on a specific contact, you can tag one of your team members in a conversation. This will send them an email from our workflow with the comments. This feature is a great way to keep everyone in one spot!


We would love to continue the conversation with you. Feel free to contact us or take a spin. Let us know what you think!

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By Michael Griffin