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Marketing Automation made simple – New Campaign Options!

Salesmanna Marketing Automation has gotten a face lift!

The Salesmanna team gets really excited when new features come out. This feature is no exception! Our marketing automation platform is changing a bit in the recent release. Let’s walk you through the basics of this change. When you begin a campaign, you now have three options: One-time send (formerly newsletters), Series (time based drip), and Advanced (with workflows and triggers).

Salesmanna Campaigns

One-time Send Campaigns

The One-time Send Campaigns, formerly known as newsletters, are for immediate engagement. You can easily and quickly send email blasts by adding your favorite mailing list of prospects, and either schedule or send the email immediately. When you create this email, below are your options:CampaignYou can populate your campaign title, change the “reply-to” email (as long as your domain is verified), and select your email from the Email Designer. This also allows your design a new email if you haven’t done this yet. After your email is selected, you can very simply send or schedule for the most impact possible. After your newsletter is sent, you can see the below statistics to see how many people are clicking and opening your blast.Email Campaign

Series (Drip) Campaigns

Series Campaigns are the next exciting feature in this release. This option allows you to set specific time intervals for reaching out on multiple occasions. Let’s say you wanted to stay in touch, but you know your prospect may not buy from you immediately. The Series Campaign gives you the opportunity to do this without having to manually send an email every time.Series Campaign details

Advanced Campaigns

The Advanced Campaigns feature is what you would think of when you have used any of our campaigns in the past. We realized through this revision that not everyone wanted the robust capabilities of this feature, but there would be users who would still benefit from using it. If you haven’t seen this feature before, it is seen below. You can set up follow up calls, events, and specific events based on your prospect’s actions. This allows you to fine tune your marketing effort to be more targeted and segmented.

Advanced Campaign

If you’re ready to take a spin with Salesmanna, go to our free trial page and sign up for a week on us!

We would love to answer any questions you have. Please reach out if you need assistance making the decision on a simple CRM and Marketing Automation solution.

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By Michael Griffin
Feature Spotlight – Phone Integration

We have an exciting feature to discuss!

Salesmanna has always been on the cutting edge of adding features that will create simplicity and value for users. We had to ask ourselves “what would make it easier to track calls for prospects?” The answer is found in our sleek phone integration feature. Let’s dive in for a look at what you can do.

Call Recording

One of the most frustrating things when you are on the road is to get a call from a prospect and not be able to track any information or remember what they said. With Salesmanna’s VoIP feature, you are able to record your conversations. These conversations are then stored in the contact record so you don’t miss a thing. Problem solved.

Call Logs

In our mobile app, you can very easily see your recent conversations. This is especially useful when you don’t have someone’s information stored in Salesmanna. Call logs are vital to your success with Salesmanna’s mobile experience.

Phone Functionality

With the Phone tab in Salesmanna’s mobile application, you can call someone much like you normally would. If you have someone’s number but they are not in Salesmanna yet, this makes a phone call easy.

Desktop App

Our desktop application’s phone functionality is a little more robust, allowing you to select more options for your phone calls. With this is the ability to delete or save the recorded call.


We’re not done yet!

In our mobile app’s “More” section, you’ll see a few options with which to expand your capabilities. The capstone of this is the import contacts feature. If you have Apple or Android devices, this feature is optimized specifically for you. When you click Import Contacts, you will see all of the local contacts on your phone. Then you will be given the option to individually select contacts or “Select All” to import everyone.

We’re excited to use this functionality in Salesmanna, and we hope you will be as well. Please reach out with any questions you may have, and we will be glad to serve you!

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By Michael Griffin
New Feature – Automatic Contact Creation

You can now create contacts from emails.

We are excited to have the new feature of being able to automatically create contacts from emails you send to your contacts. In this brief overview of the Contact Creation feature, you will find out the why, what, and how of what this feature will do for you.

Why is automatic contact creation such a big deal?

Our goal at Salesmanna is for everything to be accessed within a single pane. Automatic Contact Creation (and email sync) is a feature that will let you do this. We are really excited about being able to create contacts from emails sync’d into Salesmanna. Essentially, when you authorize one of your accounts (for instance, an Office 365 user account), you are allowing Salesmanna to Create a new contact and pull in all of the emails from this user.

What difference does it make to you?

When you use this feature, it take the pain out of having to individually create contacts, go into your conversations, or copying/pasting any correspondence. Your frustrations are gone with this new feature! We have developed this feature with the user in mind, to increase productivity and decrease time and effort.

How do I go about setting this up?

To set up Automatic Contact Creation, go into Account Settings -> App Integrations. If you see the below snapshot, there is a checkbox that says “Create Contacts?” Make sure this is checked. After this step, prepare for the emails to start rolling in!

Contact CreationThe good news? Your privacy is highly regarded. If you have confidential information where you don’t want the conversation to show up in Salesmanna, you have an “email privacy” field. This allows everything to be blocked out from viewing when you are on the contact form. Even if the contact is shared with your team, they are not able to see anything they aren’t supposed to.

Contact Creation

We hope you enjoy using Salesmanna, and we are always open to your feedback! Please reach out with any questions you may have about our CRM, its features, and how we may be able to help you get out of the red and into the black.

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By Michael Griffin