4 Simple Ways to make emails more personal

get personal (2)Don’t you love getting emails that mean nothing to you, are targeted at a totally different demographic, and are obviously sent to thousands of other people?
Of course not. Nobody does.

With email users receiving an average of 88 emails a day, make sure you’re sending emails people actually want to open.

So how can you make sure your emails are personalized and valuable to the targeted audience?

1. Make your contacts personal
If you’re sending an email to a contact, that means they signed up for your emails somewhere, somehow. Start by tagging your contact based on how they found you or signed up. If they subscribed through your blog, tag them with “blog,” or if they signed up on a clipboard in the front of your store, tag them with a tag that makes sense to you, such as “store front”. Then, try to tag each contact with something else you know about them. Do they work in the automotive industry? Tag. Are they a member of your local Small Business Meetup? Tag. Have you played a round of golf with them? Tag. Did they respond well to your last email campaign? Tag! Segmenting your contacts for more personalized email campaigns is one of the most effective ways to be noticed as a company.

The more of a relationship you make with them the more refined your contact list should be. You’re creating an individual persona for each customer which benefits both parties. This helps you send personalized emails to the most ideal customers.

2. Say Hello
Have you ever been at a dinner party and an acquaintance walks up to say, “My company is the best in our town and we’re running special through this month!” before they walk away? Probably not. That’s because its rude. Why would you expect this same method to work in mass email? If anything, the more people you’re emailing, the more polite you need to be, because your email likely isn’t that personal. Saying hello can immediately make an email more friendly and increase the odds of someone reading through to the next sentence.

3. Make it personal!
This seems like a given, but there is nothing more personal than the recipient’s name at the top of the email. This is easy to do with a good CRM software. It is easier than ever to sound like an actual human instead of a robot. Don’t miss one of the most critical steps of personalizing email when it is so easy to do.

4. Customize the Sender Name
Our friends at Hubspot tested this theory. Emails sent from a personal name were more likely to have higher click-through rates. Not just click-through rates, but the email sent from “[Name at Company]” generated 121 more leads than the email sent from “[Generic Company Name].” That is a huge difference! If you could change your leads by 45%, would you? Of course you would!

Taking these four simple steps is the first in making your email campaigns more personal and lead-nurturing. Don’t forget the golden rule: Make sure you have permission to send emails to a contact before putting them on your list. There’s no better way to get your company blacklisted than purchasing lists.

Have any other tips or questions for how to make your Email Campaigns more personal? Let us know!