Better Training = Better Results

If you are responsible for sales revenue, you know that the reality of competition is that they’re tougher and fiercer than ever before. Your sellers are often up against strong, persistent competitors. And just like last night’s Super Bowl, sometimes the difference between you and your competition’s success is someone making one extra great play. To help your sales team go the extra mile, we’ve created a tool in Salesmanna for coaching and self-improvement called Salesmanna Connect.

This facet of Salesmanna gives you and your sellers the ability to record calls with customers and save them for review. Working with recorded audio will tell EXACTLY what your sales team is doing well – and where they need improvement – when communicating with customers via phone. This unique program feature can help you and your sellers identify call strengths and weaknesses by listening for key conversation points where there might be additional selling opportunities. You can also utilize the audio files to create plans of action for account growth based customer responses, and archive or delete those recorded customer interactions.

Salesmanna Connect also works as a self-coaching tool. Your best sellers WANT to be better, and they can work with their own audio to review calls and learn how to improve techniques. Working with recorded audio also serves as an easy way to review a checklist from a call and make sure all deadlines are met and promises are delivered upon. When a seller learns to capitalize on their own strengths and improve performance, you get a seller that is far more likely to accomplish great things.

At Salesmanna, we’re always looking for ways to improve and increase the odds that your sales team will get more sales. And that’s why Salesmanna Connect is included with Salesmanna at no additional charge.

Salesmanna creates the opportunity to develop a better sales force, execute a customer retention strategy, have consistent follow-through, save you time, and keep your sellers organized…. All in one great software.

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