Business Intelligence Predictions for Better Customer Development

Just a few years ago, one prediction for business success in the coming years would be that sales and marketing processes would become more integrated. Why? According to a study published by Gartner research, most consumers are over 50% through the purchasing process before they talk with a vendor. That means your product positioning NEEDS to be incorporated prominently into your sales process.

That’s one of the many reasons why Salesmanna was designed with built-in marketing features. Your prospects want to see value, and they want you to demonstrate that. Through categorized email blasts, you can prospect and market at the same time. You provide the information that is needed, and in just a few steps, you’ve got a solid marketing message created.

You have the ability to create campaigns that reach your targets, and you have the ability to track their engagement in multiple ways. First, you can see your reach by geography. Are some of your local, regional, or national prospects responding more to your campaigns? You can also see your list of “hottest prospects”. How can we tell this? Because for each newsletter that you send out, we measure engagement. If a prospect opens multiple emails, they’re more likely to be a customer. You can even call them and ask how they liked the communication they sent, which might open the door to closing a sale.

So what are the business intelligence predictions for the years ahead? In a nutshell, expect technology that is intuitive, and most importantly, that is easy to use. That’s why we’re constantly fine-tuning Salesmanna to make sure we provide an easy-to-use software for better customer development.

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