Building a Collaborative Sales Team with Salesmanna

If you manage a sales team (or are an integral part of one), you know how important collaboration is to success. To create a strong team, you need a balance between personality types and a way to facilitate communication. Without good workflow, it’s far too likely that poor communication issues cause mistakes in account management. How can Salesmanna help prevent those?

We invite collaboration through a feature called “Teams”. Creating a Team allows you to connect a Salesmanna user group together. The members of this team can speak to each other through an in-app texting feature, and those messages are shared to the ENTIRE user group. Team members are made up of those you select, and you can have multiple groups for as many projects or teams that you want to have. Because everyone can see the messages, no one is left out of important communication.

As a manager, you can also look at overall revenue goals within the teams you create. So if teams have specific goals related to their collaboration, you can assess those. You can see their wins and opportunities, as well as their combined proposals submitted. You’ll know how far you are from your goals and what efforts are needed from team members to reach it.

Lastly, collaboration efforts don’t keep your team tied to their computer. Conversation alerts can be established so your team members don’t miss a beat when they’re not logged in.

The more your team members are able to work together successfully, the more likely that you’ll see LOTS of good things happen. From customer retention to seller retention, increased orders, and efficiency… collaboration builds success. Salesmanna is designed to make sure your team is connected and ready to grow revenue.

Get out of the red and get into the black. To learn more about Salesmanna, please email us at