How Utilizing Salesmanna Connect Makes Dollars and Sense

Salesmanna is more than just a CRM. It’s a tool that teaches sellers how to be better sellers, and managers how to be better coaches. The time investment is minimal, and the return is incredible.

Salesmanna Connect is a way to work with our desktop and mobile app to make the most out of your sales efforts. The first part of working with Salesmanna Connect is to enable this feature through your settings. Once this is done, your cellular phone is now connected to your Salesmanna account.

When working with our app, any phone calls with your contact are logged as activity under that contact’s profile. With one touch, I can call out and connect with anyone on my list, and that activity is noted.  This feature is extremely helpful when documenting the most recent efforts to connect by showing when the last phone call was made, so you don’t have to try and remember when you last made communication. It keeps contact efforts open, honest, and transparent.

After the phone call is made, you can go to the contact and click “Add a Conversation” to make a notation. This feature can be used to add notes about the call and indicate the appropriate next steps, from sending a proposal to indicating a time to follow up.

Salesmanna Connect also allows you to record your phone calls. This is a great user-friendly technique for coaching. Either the seller or the manager can review the call and give coaching on how to change techniques to make the call more effective. Salesmanna Connect doesn’t take away from your phone’s call time, as the app utilizes VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

Activity creates prospects and sales. And anything that saves time creates more room for activity, which is why I’m all for the features I get with Salesmanna at one affordable monthly price.

Get out of the red and get into the black. Reach us at info@Salesmanna.com.

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By Emily Cox
Salesmanna is Mobile!

We’re proud to offer a cloud-based SaaS CRM that you can use anywhere and everywhere. And now, there’s another reason to make Salesmanna your go-to CRM. For the outside sales teams, sellers that work remotely, and the ones that love their mobile devices, we knew that we had to create a Salesmanna app.

Here’s a quick overview of how the app works. There are three main features that can be utilized while on the go:

Contacts. All of my contacts are listed within the app, and that by itself is enough to make me glad to have Salesmanna at my fingertips. I can sort through my contacts by People, Organization, or ones that I’ve “Starred” meaning my go-to or most utilized contacts. If you select a person, you can email or call them instantly. I can also access their address, AND with just one click, map out how to get to them. I love the ease of using it. I know it’s stored safely within the CRM. Unlike updating contacts in your phone, the data is protected through Salesmanna.  I have my portfolio of customers with me everywhere I go and can access them whenever I want.

Card Reader. I love shortcuts, and who doesn’t when they’re busy??? This feature allows you to photograph business cards, and from that photo, the contact fields are automatically filled in. Instantly, I have a new contact that is saved directly into Salesmanna. This feature will also create a new Organization profile if that contact works at a business that’s new in your activity.

Phone Calls and Texts. When you make phone calls or send text messages from within Salesmanna Mobile, it all gets saved under that contact. You can record phone calls and play them back later, or share the call with your colleagues or sales team. Remember, it’s all in the cloud, meaning you can review your call logs and communication on any of your other devices!

The Salesmanna CRM is easy to use, and works anywhere, anytime. Salesmanna Mobile is in the Apple App Store now, with an Android version coming up in subsequent weeks. The ability to connect on the go is priceless. Shouldn’t you have a CRM that has the features you need right at your fingertips?

Get out of the red and get into the black. Reach us at info@Salesmanna.com.

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By Emily Cox
Reporting: A Window into the Selling Process

Every sales manager, accountant, analyst, revenue generator, and bean counter knows one important thing… numbers don’t lie. They tell your strengths and areas for improvement. They show the shortfalls and the surpluses as you work to achieve success. Numbers certainly don’t lie, but they don’t tell the entire story either. And that’s why having a CRM is important. Salesmanna doesn’t just show numbers, but shows activity and efforts in the stages of success. Our software shows your ability to improve your efficiencies and streamline your efforts towards success.

And this is where reporting comes in. Reports are a window into the sales process for both a manager and a seller. Salesmanna includes three different kinds of reporting options:

Monthly Opportunity Totals. This section helps to break down the places in the sales funnel where each seller has made progress, including gains and losses. The report will show the last month of reported activity, the sum total (dollars that are pending in the potential sale), and the status (a.k.a. potential to close).

Recently Entered Contacts. How many connections does it take to close the right amount of new business? Do you have enough leads out there? Is enough activity taking place to make your goals? This section will tell you when and how many contacts have been entered, along with sharing relevant contact information.

Team Sales Performance. This report gives managers (and sellers) a look at the overall performance of the team.

You’ve heard the saying “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” The reporting feature gives you the advantage of showing if the preparation is there to succeed. Reports show where you have the potential to gain revenue and boost efforts, and where to focus your efforts to reach your goals.

It’s not luck that you found Salesmanna. Make sure that you’re prepared for your next opportunity with a CRM that has all the features for one easy monthly price.

Get out of the red and get into the black. Reach us at info@Salesmanna.com.

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By Emily Cox
Marketing Made Easier with Salesmanna

I have to admit that every now and then, I want the sales “easy” button. Sales is tough at times, sure. But sales is about consistency, and that can mean a couple of things. First, keeping consistent efforts yields results. Some of the easiest ways to do this are maintaining progress and meeting client expectations.  Second, it can also mean consistent communication. The easiest way to build rapport is not just by keeping touch, but by showing your value.

Salesmanna includes a valuable feature: the ability to build a newsletter. As amazed as I was to first learn about this feature, I worried about the time it would take. Like most sales people, I work hard to protect my selling hours. But if an effort produces results – in other words, I see the value – I’m all in.

Creating a newsletter sounds daunting, but it’s not. It’s an e-blast. It’s a touchpoint and a personalized selling feature that will set you ahead of your competition and take minimal time to create. Here’s an example. I wanted to share a recent success story about a partnership that generated positive outcomes. I can cut and paste pictures and send this information in an email, but I wanted a better layout and an explanation about how my products and services can help others like this customer. I wanted something more professional too.

With the newsletter feature, I can create an e-blast in a matter of minutes. I can include my logo, contact information, pictures, stories, and more. It takes less than 15 minutes to create a story that can generate hundreds of leads. I measure the ROI in my time invested by giving the newsletter stats a quick review. Who opened my emails and spent time with them? The engagement statistics tell me who my BEST prospects are and who connected with my message. I now have stronger credibility to follow up when I ask if someone enjoyed what I shared. It’s the best version of an “easy” button I could ask for, and it creates value that is memorable for your prospects.

Here’s another reason why this feature makes communication easier than you can imagine. Unlike using a separate e-blast system, my contacts are all in one place. I don’t have to import them or manage subscriptions (and I don’t have to pay when I have above 2,000 contacts). In just a couple of quick steps, I can create distribution lists for specific campaigns or send to all my contacts at once. The newsletter feature adds a touch of professionalism and value that puts you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

Value matters. And with Salesmanna, you get all the valuable features for one easy price.

Get out of the red and get into the black. Reach us at info@Salesmanna.com.

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By Emily Cox
When Marketing Matters More: How Salesmanna’s email marketing can help you gain, and retain, customers

If you’re looking to protect or grow your share of business, you need a customer retention strategy. From an article in Forbes Magazine titled “Five Customer Retention Tips for Entrepreneurs,” a strategy to retain just 5% of your company’s customer base can result in a long-term growth of 75% of profits. How is that possible? It’s not just enough to demonstrate good service, rely on a great product, or demonstrate capabilities. It’s about the opportunity to remind customers of your value through a communications and marketing strategy.

I know what some of you are thinking… My sales team doesn’t have the necessary resources to create effective email marketing campaigns, much less the extra time. Well, here’s where Salesmanna comes in. Because of Salesmanna’s unique feature to create email marketing campaigns from our software and execute communication in an effective and timely manner, your team has the ability to attract new clients while working to keep existing ones.

Salesmanna provides the platform for your sellers to create multiple emails for different client subsets, such as marketing a diverse portfolio of products to select customers. It’s easy to create these marketing emails because the tools are built right into our CRM software. This application interfaces with your clients and prospects lists based on features you select, such as keywords. When creating communication, your team can simply differentiate between campaigns for prospective clients and existing clients to keep your marketing relevant to your customer base. This also ensures that existing customers receive the right kinds of communication… the ones that remind them of the greater value that your goods and services provide.

Reminders to create campaigns can be posted in Salesmanna’s dashboard area to keep regular contact with existing customers and with a level of frequency that makes sense for your industry. You can also track engagement by seeing who has opened their email communication.

The bottom line is that Salesmanna creates the pathway to execute a retention strategy, have consistent follow-through, save you time, and keep your sellers organized…. All in one great software. Isn’t it worth having a CRM software that provides the marketing tools you need to execute consistent communication?

Get out of the red and get into the black. Reach us at info@Salesmanna.com.

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By Emily Cox