Managing your Customer Relationships

It is vital to manage your customer relationships well. This goes all the way from prospect to delighting your existing customers. Check out these steps to improving your relationship management.

  1. Keep track of your customers.

It’s common knowledge to most business owners by now: Successful companies know their customers well. Companies buy information about people and good data on a lot of people can be an amazing tool. Think about how much money is spent on acquiring customer data. This is such a lucrative business because the consumer data is key in knowing how people operate, what they want, and who they are. If your business doesn’t use any type of tracking CRM system, you’re missing out some key consumer data. If you can keep track of the habits of consumers then you’ll be able to spend money on marketing and time on relationships that will be lucrative and spend less time on the ones destined to fail.

Even your customers want to be known, to some extent. They don’t want to receive emails that are completely unlike them. I have little interest receiving emails on expensive boating equipment because I only have so much energy to devote to emails in one day. If I  don’t plan on buying expensive boating equipment, please don’t make a sales pitch to me for it. That would waste both of our time and leave a bad taste in my mouth towards your company for not doing your research.

  1. Keep track of your sales efficiency.

How many cold calls before you make one sale? Is there a leading salesperson in efficiency? If you can’t answer these questions, you need a better system for data tracking. Some businesses have several sales members on their team. Some businesses are too small to hire a salesperson. Both of these businesses need a way to track who they’re calling, who is making sales, and how efficient your method of selling is. Cold calls might be falling flat while referrals are working better. If there is a way to track this you can estimate what to do next and stop wasting time on a “standard” sales goal or plan.

  1. Learn what interests your contacts.

Do they want a discount? Or do they just want to be in the loop with new products?

This is something that I am personally thankful for marketers doing. There is one company that I am subscribed to and they see what I’ve been watching, and email me when it’s on sale. Sometimes they’ll see that I’ve been looking at a certain product and then email me next week with other looks that are similar. Sometimes it is the price that keeps me from purchasing, so their email coupons are what push me to pull the trigger. Other times it is the product I just don’t love. Then when they send me similar products I see one that is exactly what I wanted! Their email marketing is genius. It causes me to purchase more from them as a company. If every company could fine-tune their marketing email communications, I believe they could create lucrative relationships with their customers.

These aren’t overnight fixes for most companies. They require someone’s attention and the use of tools created specifically for Customer Relationship Management. We, along with Forbes and many other successful businesses, believe it is well worth the investment to know your customers well.

We would love to hear if you’re tracking with these tips! Contact us to provide feedback.

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By Kacie Reed
Marketing Automation

So, what exactly is Marketing Automation?
Marketo.com defines Marketing Automation as “a category of technology that allows companies to streamline, automate, and measure marketing tasks and workflows, so they can increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.”

We like this definition, but let’s break it down a little better.

You started a business with your own savings and some elbow grease. You have 1000 interested followers on a sign up sheet sitting at the front of your store. What are you supposed to do with these email addresses?! That’s easy!
Those email addresses want something from you. “Keep me in the loop!” “Tell me about the new offers!” “Let me know if you have a giveaway!”

Don’t blow it! Make a plan, decide what you have to offer, and let them know about it. With Salesmanna, you can send your first email campaign to everyone and only nurture the actual leads that come from it. If one person clicks through to your website, you’ll know about it! Let that person know they’re valued, let them know you notice their interest. Offer a special deal or a referral discount to that customer! And the best part is that Salesmanna follows up with those interested leads AUTOMATICALLY. You don’t even have to press a button. It will send them a second email while you sleep. With a CRM + Email Automation software it is easier than ever to build meaningful, lasting relationships with interested customers.

Did you know an unhappy customer tells up to 20 people on average, while a happy customer only tells 5? It is well worth your investment to keep your customers happy.

Nurture your leads, spread the love.

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By Kacie Reed