Celebrating Independence

It’s that time of year where we celebrate our patriotism and, if you’re lucky, enjoy a little time off. The 4th of July is about celebrating our independence and all that we’ve accomplished as a nation.

We know how many sellers LOVE independence. (The word micro-managed makes some sellers cringe!) But with independence comes responsibility, and that responsibility involves reaching goals, exercising strategies, and implementing necessary steps to see through customer agreements.

One of the reasons that Salesmanna works is that you as a seller have access to the same tools for success that a sales manager has at their fingertips. For example, I can run my own activity report and show the amount of work I generate in a given month, day, or week. I can measure that week against other weeks to show progress. I can also be honest with myself, and say ‘Have I held onto this too long?’ There are times where we all hope a deal will happen and it doesn’t. Sometimes it is best to cut losses and move on to the next thing. How far am I from reaching my goals, and what can I realistically accomplish in each increment? Just as much as I want to demonstrate effort, I ultimately want to produce results.

Using a CRM creates independence. Yes, they do give sales managers an inside viewpoint into the day to day activity a seller creates, but they also allow you the freedom to manage your results and help you chart a realistic action plan. I can’t imagine anything better than having the independence to create my own success.

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