Creating a One-Time Campaign in Salesmanna

Be the designer of your email content with Salesmanna features:

Creating a One-Time Campaign  

Creating content for your customers has never been simpler. Salesmanna allows you to personalize your newsletters, also known as a one-time campaign, to fit your business’s style and convey your message your customer. 

The Email Design tab will take you exactly where you need to be to start creating. Choose the blue plus sign in the top left.  


Be sure to add a clear title and a subject line. When deciding what to enter for your title, consider what you want your customers to think when they see your email in their inbox.  

After you have decided to customize either a plain text email or a graphical one, you can move forward to designing your content! This is the fun part.  

If you decided to create using the graphical option, after you clicked on design you will see several options of “blocks” to choose from.  

Newsletter builder

You are free to add blocks to your desired format, insert images that coordinate with your content, and adjust font size and color! Type your desired content within the textboxes and add additional blocks if needed. 

Once you have created a newsletter you are pleased with, enter in an email address to view how your content will appear to your customers. 

Address line 

If you want to keep editing, you are free to go back in and make the desired changes.  

Ready to send out your one-time campaign?  

Begin by selecting campaigns and add a new campaign.  


Choose one-time campaign, unless you are wanting to send out a series or advanced campaign. From there add your newsletter using the change button, next to email.  

 campaign 2

Select your desired email and send or schedule when you would like your email to be sent.

After you send the email, Salesmanna allows you to track metrics on your email performance. This allows you to adjust your pitch to fit your target market. If you have any questions, please reach out and we are happy to serve you.