Custom Fields for Contacts

As a young salesperson, I landed an account that would become one of my most meaningful customers. To become my client, this customer really wanted me to show a personal touch that told them I wasn’t just treating them as a number. I worked hard to prove my worth beyond the first sale and developed that relationship. As the years went by and they saw that I cared about their success, they started doing a really cool thing: They would wish ME a happy anniversary from the date of our first sale. I was speechless the first time I got that call, and haven’t forgotten that some dates are worth remembering.

I wish back then that Salesmanna had existed, because I would have had the perfect way to work with contacts and create a system to stay organized beyond the sale. For those who already use Salesmanna, we hope that you’ve found that Salesmanna IS that system. But even for our devoted users, we’re upping the level of communication and interaction provided with your contacts.

You can now put custom fields in your contacts to help organize and prioritize customer information of any kind. Would you like to remember to call your clients on the anniversary that they came to you? Would you like to see their birthdays, holidays, or their children’s names? You can create a custom field for your contacts by going to Account Settings, then clicking on Custom Fields. The “+” sign in the upper left quadrant will allow you to create your first Custom Field for contacts. Give the field a label, select a field type (if it’s checkbox, a text box, or more) and then assign it to your contacts. (For managers, you may also choose if you want this field to be “Global” meaning that the whole team can use it, or just for your own usage.) You can choose if you want to use that field on all contacts, specific contacts, or just one important customer.

There’s more… Custom fields can also be assigned to organizations or products.  When working with organizations, you can create a profile to identify important traits such as someone who has an additional budget or a key-decision influencer. For products, you could create a text box for an item number, a drop-down list for the type of service you’re providing, etc.

The more detailed the contact, organization, or product information, the more likely you’ll have good prospects and provide better service. With custom fields, don’t miss a moment that could turn a sale into a lifelong client. Salesmanna gives you the tools needed to set yourself apart from the competition.

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