How to be More Efficient with Salesmanna’s To-Do List

I love Salesmanna because I’m task-oriented. I prioritize because the result I want to achieve is to meet my goals. It’s what every good seller should want, and what sales managers strive to achieve.

I look at my goals every week as I organize my schedule and tasks. I want to know what tasks make sense to complete first, in what order they need to be done, and how I want to allocate my time towards their completion. In other words, I want to plan the steps I need to take to reach those goals.

Salesmanna’s To-Do List is an easy to use asset that helps me to organize and prioritize my tasks. To add a task, you click the “+” icon, write what you need to accomplish and assign a date. Task items are assigned to one of three categories: To-Do, Completed Today, and Overdue. It’s a quick overview into what I need to accomplish and how I need to organize my day or week ahead. I use Salesmanna’s To-Do List to start my day, prioritize and complete major tasks first, and plan ahead for what I couldn’t finish and need to complete the next day.

I love the fact that I can easily reorganize my priorities by clicking and moving any item higher or lower on my priority list. I can also mark an item as completed to remove it, or move an item to another column. Salesmanna’s To-Do List is easy to use. My efforts and activity are transparent, and I’m more engaged in my own plan to make success happen.

We get 40 hours a week to accomplish the major tasks that get you to your goals, so make those hours count! With Salesmanna’s To-Do List, you won’t lack the tools to be successful, organized, and far ahead of your competition. And with Salesmanna, you get all the features you need to be organized for one easy price.

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