How Utilizing Salesmanna Connect Makes Dollars and Sense

Salesmanna is more than just a CRM. It’s a tool that teaches sellers how to be better sellers, and managers how to be better coaches. The time investment is minimal, and the return is incredible.

Salesmanna Connect is a way to work with our desktop and mobile app to make the most out of your sales efforts. The first part of working with Salesmanna Connect is to enable this feature through your settings. Once this is done, your cellular phone is now connected to your Salesmanna account.

When working with our app, any phone calls with your contact are logged as activity under that contact’s profile. With one touch, I can call out and connect with anyone on my list, and that activity is noted.  This feature is extremely helpful when documenting the most recent efforts to connect by showing when the last phone call was made, so you don’t have to try and remember when you last made communication. It keeps contact efforts open, honest, and transparent.

After the phone call is made, you can go to the contact and click “Add a Conversation” to make a notation. This feature can be used to add notes about the call and indicate the appropriate next steps, from sending a proposal to indicating a time to follow up.

Salesmanna Connect also allows you to record your phone calls. This is a great user-friendly technique for coaching. Either the seller or the manager can review the call and give coaching on how to change techniques to make the call more effective. Salesmanna Connect doesn’t take away from your phone’s call time, as the app utilizes VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology.

Activity creates prospects and sales. And anything that saves time creates more room for activity, which is why I’m all for the features I get with Salesmanna at one affordable monthly price.

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