Leaderboard – New Features, New Access

Knowledge is power, and the most impactful way to know what’s ahead is to see the cumulative activities of today to forecast the future.

For sales managers, we’ve got new capabilities and features in your Leaderboard that will advance your ability to predict outcomes. What can you see now? The answer is everything you’ll need for stellar forecasting. Here’s an overview of our Leaderboard page and the features you’ll want to utilize:

Users – This section shows all Salesmanna users under your umbrella. They’re connected for aggregate reporting. You can see everyone’s reported activity and pending together as a complete team roll-up.

Calls, Texts, and Emails – How many pieces of communication are being made? Is there an average number of calls that each sales person should make to reach goal? Use these areas to track your team’s communications against set goals.

Appointments – The number of meetings conducted can be a huge success indicator. Who has a need and who’s willing to meet?

Shared Opportunities – This area can show duplicated accounts, OR can show shared accounts. In either case, duplication can be displayed to be factored into, or out of, pending.

Team Pipelines – This section shows the overview of the pending information provided by team members, and breaks out their individual forecasts into these sections:

  • Opportunities Pending – What’s in the funnel for the team, and in what timetable will that materialize?
  • Opportunities Won – What successes have been brought to the table?
  • Opportunities Lost – Who have we missed?

These features give a true overview of where you and your team stand at any time. It’s clear from the perspective of your team and you as to what areas are prosperous and where improvements need to be made. When you have the knowledge to accurately forecast, you’ll have more time to focus on goals, develop the potential of your sales team, and ultimately, create the pathway to success.

Get out of the red and get into the black. Reach us at info@Salesmanna.com.