Marketing Made Easier with Salesmanna

I have to admit that every now and then, I want the sales “easy” button. Sales is tough at times, sure. But sales is about consistency, and that can mean a couple of things. First, keeping consistent efforts yields results. Some of the easiest ways to do this are maintaining progress and meeting client expectations.  Second, it can also mean consistent communication. The easiest way to build rapport is not just by keeping touch, but by showing your value.

Salesmanna includes a valuable feature: the ability to build a newsletter. As amazed as I was to first learn about this feature, I worried about the time it would take. Like most sales people, I work hard to protect my selling hours. But if an effort produces results – in other words, I see the value – I’m all in.

Creating a newsletter sounds daunting, but it’s not. It’s an e-blast. It’s a touchpoint and a personalized selling feature that will set you ahead of your competition and take minimal time to create. Here’s an example. I wanted to share a recent success story about a partnership that generated positive outcomes. I can cut and paste pictures and send this information in an email, but I wanted a better layout and an explanation about how my products and services can help others like this customer. I wanted something more professional too.

With the newsletter feature, I can create an e-blast in a matter of minutes. I can include my logo, contact information, pictures, stories, and more. It takes less than 15 minutes to create a story that can generate hundreds of leads. I measure the ROI in my time invested by giving the newsletter stats a quick review. Who opened my emails and spent time with them? The engagement statistics tell me who my BEST prospects are and who connected with my message. I now have stronger credibility to follow up when I ask if someone enjoyed what I shared. It’s the best version of an “easy” button I could ask for, and it creates value that is memorable for your prospects.

Here’s another reason why this feature makes communication easier than you can imagine. Unlike using a separate e-blast system, my contacts are all in one place. I don’t have to import them or manage subscriptions (and I don’t have to pay when I have above 2,000 contacts). In just a couple of quick steps, I can create distribution lists for specific campaigns or send to all my contacts at once. The newsletter feature adds a touch of professionalism and value that puts you leaps and bounds ahead of your competition.

Value matters. And with Salesmanna, you get all the valuable features for one easy price.

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