New Mobile Features: Mileage Tracker and Expenses

The Salesmanna team knows that busy sellers want ways to save time when it comes to routine tasks. (Who wants more paperwork when you could be out selling something?)

The newest features in Salesmanna Mobile are likely to excite both managers and sellers alike: Mileage Tracking and Expenses.

Mileage Tracker works like a custom GPS just for your sales calls. When you open the app, click on the “More” tab at the bottom and you’ll see Mileage Tracker in your icons. When you select this feature, you’ll see a screen that allows you to start tracking your mileage. When you are ready to drive to your destination, press “Start Tracking” and the distance will be logged as you travel. This feature will run as long as the app is open. Underneath, you’ll see a field labelled “Description” where you can include additional information about your call or destination. When you press “Stop Tracking,” the distance is saved in Salesmanna as a mileage expense under your account.

If you need to manually add mileage, you can also do so from the app or from the desktop version. And, if you have reps that need mileage reimbursed, there’s an easy way to submit that.

Expenses are also under the “More” tab. When you first use this feature, you’ll likely see a mostly blank screen. To add expenses, press the “+” icon, and you’ll be able to input a new expense instantly. You can include the amount, expense date, and a description. You can also add an Expense Type or attach a picture if needed. Fill out as much as is required for your expense history, and you’re ready to submit it.

Once submitted, expenses can be managed within the desktop version of Salesmanna. Under the Account Settings tab, click on “Expense Reports”. Then, click on “My Expenses” to see, review, edit, and submit your expenses to your supervisor. You can also review mileage and export any expenses that you’d like to save as a report.

With Salesmanna’s Mileage Tracker and Expenses, you’ll save time, resources, and cut down on paperwork, so you can put your time into what matters most… sales!

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