Reporting: A Window into the Selling Process

Every sales manager, accountant, analyst, revenue generator, and bean counter knows one important thing… numbers don’t lie. They tell your strengths and areas for improvement. They show the shortfalls and the surpluses as you work to achieve success. Numbers certainly don’t lie, but they don’t tell the entire story either. And that’s why having a CRM is important. Salesmanna doesn’t just show numbers, but shows activity and efforts in the stages of success. Our software shows your ability to improve your efficiencies and streamline your efforts towards success.

And this is where reporting comes in. Reports are a window into the sales process for both a manager and a seller. Salesmanna includes three different kinds of reporting options:

Monthly Opportunity Totals. This section helps to break down the places in the sales funnel where each seller has made progress, including gains and losses. The report will show the last month of reported activity, the sum total (dollars that are pending in the potential sale), and the status (a.k.a. potential to close).

Recently Entered Contacts. How many connections does it take to close the right amount of new business? Do you have enough leads out there? Is enough activity taking place to make your goals? This section will tell you when and how many contacts have been entered, along with sharing relevant contact information.

Team Sales Performance. This report gives managers (and sellers) a look at the overall performance of the team.

You’ve heard the saying “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” The reporting feature gives you the advantage of showing if the preparation is there to succeed. Reports show where you have the potential to gain revenue and boost efforts, and where to focus your efforts to reach your goals.

It’s not luck that you found Salesmanna. Make sure that you’re prepared for your next opportunity with a CRM that has all the features for one easy monthly price.

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