Salesmanna 2.11.0 – Introducing Merge Tags

We’ve upgraded! Welcome to the newest version of Salesmanna. For those already using our software, the upgrade includes a slightly new color scheme, and revised, simpler graphics, along with some very cool additional features that we’ll share now and in the coming weeks.

One of the best new features is the ability to import a document and work with Merge Tags. In layman’s terms, this means that you can create a standardized document (an invoice, a letter, a contract, etc.) and connect this document to selected Salesmanna accounts to populate standard fields. Here’s an example: I’d like to send a thank you letter to a client for a great meeting. I have a generalized thank you letter that I created in Word. For each time that I meet with this or any client, I’d like to generate that thank you letter, include his/her name and mailing address. To populate the correct fields, I will go in and add the Merge Tags that I want to include. (See the next paragraph for how to find the correct title for merge tags.) In this case, it would be:



{contactCity}, {contactState} {contactZip}

Once the document is completed, I can go into Account Settings, then Document Templates. (If I didn’t know the names of the Merge Tags that I wanted to include, I would click on the “?” and a list will pop up of fields from Salesmanna accounts that I can incorporate.) Once those are included, and my document is finalized, I upload it on the Document Templates page.

Now the document is in my document library and ready for use anytime I need it. To produce the thank you letter, I go to a contact, Files, Generate Document, and pick out the thank you letter. And with one click, the document is generated and ready to mail or email with the merge tags correctly filled in.

The template feature can help you create standard letters, basic invoice headers, proposals and contracts. Even more, it creates multiple ways of producing touchpoints. I’m more likely to follow through with more correspondence when it’s easy to click a button and have a letter generated. And, the activity is logged for each client in Salesmanna.

I have a great CRM, and now I have the ability to make touchpoints even easier than before. That’s the value and forward-thinking I get from working with Salesmanna.

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