Salesmanna and the POSEC Method

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned” ~ Benjamin Franklin

What’s the most precious resource you have? It’s not money or leads (though we can all use more). It’s time. We can’t create more hours in the day, unless you’re super-human and need a lot less sleep than the rest of the world. We can, however, make better use of it.

Time spent in preparation pays for itself, and that’s a partial reason why a CRM tool is worth the time and investment. The POSEC method stands for Prioritize by Organizing, Streamlining, Economizing, and Contributing. The method assumes that to accomplish a goal, attention must be focused on daily responsibilities. The details of the POSEC method of time management are:

  • Prioritize—arrange your tasks in order of importance based on your goals and available amount of time.
  • Organize—provide a structure for your most basic tasks, especially those that are performed on a daily basis.
  • Streamline—simplify “nuisance” tasks, such as those tasks that are required for operations but are your least preferred tasks.
  • Economize—achieve those things you would like to do but fall low on your list of priorities.
  • Contribute—occurs when tasks are completed and you are able to “give back” to your team.

So how can you utilize the POSEC method and Salesmanna to be more efficient? First, use Salesmanna to prioritize and organize your tasks. Streamlining will automatically come as you systematize your prospects and priorities. Economize what you can close now, and what you can target later. How important is it to spend time on certain prospects that are time-sensitive? And lastly, you can contribute more when you’re able to see successes that you’ve had and are building upon those.

The more that your priorities are organized daily, the more you can build your foundation of success, and that’s one of the many reasons why Salesmanna is essential for developing a complete Customer Relationship Management strategy.

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