Salesmanna Apps Give YOU the Advantage

We’re continually working to update our Salesmanna mobile apps to keep you on top of your game. First, the Android version is now available, so both Android and Apple users can track activity with the Salesmanna app while on the go.

Salesmanna Connect is also included in the app starting at 20 hours of talk per month. This feature will allow you to call using Voice Over IP technology, which means that you can make phone calls over the internet instead of through your cellular carrier. This allows Salesmanna to capture the conversation and save it to your account under the contact you were talking to. And let’s say the business phone you use is also a personal phone. You can choose the number you want displayed when you call out to your prospects and customers. The number you choose will be your best callback number, whether it’s your cell, office or desk line. If you use your personal cell for work and want to keep that number private, you can use an assigned number the app will provide. If your customers return your call to that number, they will still reach you directly at your mobile device.

Let’s say you’re new to Salesmanna and you already have most of your contacts in your phone. You can import them into the app. You’ll want to do this because it will allow business calls to be noted in your call logs, and it doesn’t take away from minutes. You can access your call logs right from the app. In Settings, click on “Import Contacts” and you’ll see every contact you have in your phone. Then, with a quick click, the contacts you select will be added in.

And, if you’re looking for a way to record your conversations for training purposes, this device allows you to do it. In Settings, click the microphone icon, and you’re ready to go. You can review your audio and improve your skills with this feature.

You’ve got enough to think about when it comes to closing sales. Let Salesmanna’s apps set the stage and track the hard work that will get you to your goals.

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