Salesmanna is the Time-Saving CRM

Let’s say you’re reading this, and you’re considering what CRM to choose for your business or company. You’re probably wondering “How much time will it take to get started with Salesmanna?”

The simple answer is… not that much, and FAR less than most competitive software. Salesmanna is intuitive. Any person who has previously worked with a CRM will understand it. If you have a seller that is new to it, they can learn the basics and be ready to roll.

Compare Salesmanna’s set up process to other CRM software. Some aren’t as intuitive, and your administrator has to be trained through a series of long videos. It’s recommended that they receive certifications. They must understand versions of platforms, mobile apps, etc. Your employees have better things to do than spend days in training, right? And, how large is that training investment? If you lose that employee, you must retrain the next one. All of this leads to loss of time and efficiency.

That’s not what Salesmanna is about. We’re about connecting and making sure that your sellers have access to all the things they need in the field. Here are a few things that we offer to make getting started much easier with us:

  • Connect your account and email address. This helps the Calendar and Inbox features to interface with Salesmanna for updates. (It’s as simple as going to your Account Settings and connecting!)
  • Got current contacts? Use a CSV (comma separated values) file to import them. It’s just an excel file that’s converted to a special format that allows our software to add them in. Use the Import Contacts feature and add them in.
  • Download the mobile app, now available for Android or iPhone. If needed, use the business card scanner in the mobile app to scan business cards into your contacts.

That’s it. From here, you’re ready to begin… There are no weeks where you’re offline. There are no confusing questions and major delays. Even if this still sounds daunting, our team is here to take the lead. We also offer data migration services.

If you’re still thinking this might be tough, then I promise you are overthinking it. It’s an experience that sets you up for success and easier account management. If you’re still worried, send us an email and we’ll answer all questions. The bottom line is that we’ll change your mind about ease of implementation, and you’ll wish you’d done this sooner.

Get out of the red and get into the black. Reach us at