Salesmanna… One Total Solution for One Price

What makes a CRM tool the go-to software for your company’s sales team? We’ve spent years researching, studying, and building the most affordable and effective answer to this question. We’ve launched our concept, and then continued to add features based on feedback from customers and users alike. From humble beginnings and bold ideas, we launched Salesmanna.

Salesmanna combines multiple CRM features into one software at one complete price. Want to use recorded audio to track your sales team’s performance on calls? No problem. Need to develop an email marketing campaign that will be delivered to specific segments of your best prospects? Done. Looking to integrate your activity with your Microsoft Office and Google calendars? Easy. These are just some of the features that make Salesmanna the must-have software for your team.

So how do we know we’ve succeeded in building one of the most competitive CRM tools on the market? Here’s how…

  • Ease in pricing. When it comes to the competitive market of CRM products, what’s worse?…Having a product with bells and whistles that costs more than you can afford, or knowing that your employees want more than what your typical CRM provides within your budget? Salesmanna includes all the features your team will need to be successful for one affordable price. (And did we mention Salesmanna is half the price of other CRM software competitors?)
  • Plethora of features. In today’s world of evolving technology, your best sellers want it all: the ability to make schedule changes on the go, track leads, and capitalize on every opportunity. Your sales team will have the tools at their fingertips to grow more business and you’ll have the ability to more effectively track their efforts.

One total solution for one price, and a top-notch software to boot. That’s Salesmanna.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see additional blogs that will detail and demonstrate our CRM software’s unique features, including how to generate email marketing campaigns direct to your leads, working with audio recordings of real calls to improve sales techniques, how Salesmanna can help you organize and prioritize your best leads, and more.

Get out of the red and get into the black. To learn more about Salesmanna, please email us at