Breaking Through Barriers: How to Stand Out with Salesmanna

There are literally THOUSANDS of messages that you consume everyday. From cell phones to billboards, television to tweets, we’re an engaged society that connects at every possible minute. According to research entity, there are three billion people around the planet connecting through social media. That’s a lot of communication!

As connections become more prevalent, so do barriers. Technology can filter messages through email and phone settings. Don’t forget the “old-fashioned” gatekeepers too, who can prevent contact upon their choosing. So how do you break through these extra obstacles?

First, persistence isn’t the same as pushiness. Persistence shows you’re capable of doing what you say you’ll do WHEN you say you’ll do it. People who are consistent are more likely to deliver results, and the prospect you’re calling on KNOWS it.

With Salesmanna, you can organize your communication in a way that makes sense and is easy for your prospect to understand. You can set timed messages to coordinate your follow-ups daily, weekly, monthly, or at a customized length of time. Those will pop up on your dashboard when the reminder is set, and are individualized to each prospect or customer.

Then, look collectively at your written messages by syncing your emails in Salesmanna. Using this feature can help you to see what you’ve sent and what messages have been breaking through those barriers.

To demonstrate trust, set the tone for follow-through. If you don’t reach a prospect with your first communication attempt, leave a message with a date and time you’ll respond, (no, it’s not so that they’ll avoid you). It’s so the prospect knows you’ll keep your word. Even if the prospect doesn’t respond, you’re building rapport. Make notes of the different ways that you’ve communicated in Salesmanna, and keep trying.

We all have a preferred language of communication. Whether it’s phone, text, or email, it can be hard to find the right one that breaks the ice. Communication is more memorable if you reach someone in more than one way. Use Salesmanna’s email marketing campaigns to try out something new. Send a success story or an article that pertains to their industry. This kind of prospecting is non-threatening and shows you think outside the box.

Results are based on consistency, and consistent efforts break down barriers. Likewise, your CRM software should be used consistently to help you tackle the toughest to reach prospects and stand out in a crowd of sellers. Salesmanna gives you the tools you need to organize your communication effectively and break through the clutter.

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By Emily Cox