Customizable Opportunity Statuses = User-Friendly

The team at Salesmanna knows it takes effort to define and track leads. What’s in your funnel isn’t just a conversation between sellers and managers: it’s your livelihood.

To make it easier to accurately track pending business, we’ve revised how you label Opportunity Statuses. While the Opportunities section of your Dashboard tracks pending business, Opportunity Statuses allow you to create customized labels to apply to pending business. These indicators can tell the level of engagement by the prospect, the probability of closing, and more.

To create Customized Opportunity Statuses, go to  your Account Setting tab and select Opportunity Statuses. If you have not created any fields, Opportunity Statuses will default to six standard choices: Won, In Negotiation, Proposal Submitted, Followed Up, Contact Made, and Lost. The likelihood of closing corresponds with the Status Label.

Here are the Opportunity Status features that you can create to track business more efficiently:

Status Label: What level of progress have you made? Is this someone you’ve just contacted, or do you have more skin in the game? You can customize status labels to reflect wins, losses, or any titles you’d like to give to represent victory.

Context: The Status Label can be further defined in the Context field. This is ideal for when “Won” or “Lost” doesn’t cover the detail needed in a proposal’s status. For example, you can have multiple Won or Lost statuses, such as Won – Awaiting Payment, Won – Paid, Lost – Partial, or anything else you’d like to create.

Probability: If you’re somewhere between 0%-100%, create a custom probability level to show the likelihood of the account closing on your proposed business.

The Salesmanna team recognizes that different industries track pending in unique ways. That’s why we’re excited to offer customizable Opportunity Statuses to help you track your path to success in the way you’d most like to measure it.

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By Emily Cox