Create and Manage Your Growth Strategy with Salesmanna

What makes us business savvy? Is it a go-getter attitude? A challenging client obstacle that you’ve helped to overcome? The moment where you look back at how far you’ve come and realize it’s a longer way then you imagined?

The real truth behind sales success is that there’s no lack of effort. As much as I wish it existed, there is no “Easy” button.  You have to put elbow grease into attaining the best clients, and you can’t win without trying.

When working with Salesmanna and remembering what value I want to receive from my software, I look at what I’m putting into it and what I need to hit my numbers. Here are some of the ways that I use my software to grow business:

Focusing on prospects. Am I spending enough time working on new leads? Even when business is busy, the best way to keep business going is to nurture it consistently. Down time is the enemy!

Asking for referrals. How many times have you asked existing customers if they’ll be a referral for you? Or if they’ll help connect you to a mutual prospect? It’s probably one of the best ways to meet new customers.

Warming up cold calls. Grab the bull by the horns. Your prospect most likely wasn’t waiting all day for your call. Give them a good reason to speak to you. The referral will open a door just enough to stand out from other calls.

Telling a success story. Use your email marketing automation tool to build a success story. Who isn’t a little interested in how to be more successful?

Building a web form. This process enables you to capture better, more qualified leads. How much stronger is your lead when you already know a little about them? A LOT.

Track your networking. I meet a lot of great contacts at events. Salesmanna’s app is fantastic for photographing business cards and logging contacts instantly.

Customer Retention. What was your last interaction with your customer? You won’t lose track when you look at your activity. Everything you do – text, calls, and emails – are connected to your cell phone. When you create communication, you’ll receive the positive feedback that you need from your customers.

CRM’s are extremely valuable, but it’s all about what effort you put in. They help you manage and retain customers and focus your business development efforts. The value of a CRM is that one good client usually pays for the entire system. If you want your best ROI, working with a CRM like Salesmanna will be the difference between wanting success and creating it.

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By Emily Cox