The Importance of Tags with Clients and Prospects #Success #BetterProspecting #ReachingGoals

After listening to several of our sales clients talk about success, we learned something incredibly important about the sales industry:

Rarely do you see two great sellers prioritize clients and prospects alike.

Let that sink in for a minute. In an industry where you find the hardest working people – an industry that is driven by results – how can you find such diverse methodologies amongst its professional members?

There can be LOTS of differences in the ways that good sellers organize their client priorities, but we all want the same outcome of success. So how can we help you prioritize clients and prospects when so many industries and sellers differ from each other?

Salesmanna includes a feature to add customized “Tags” to your contacts. Instead of creating Tags that may or may not fit each industry we serve or each sellers’ preferences, we think it’s better to give YOU the flexibility to decide what is important when grouping clients and prospects.

Do you have a seasonal client that you only need to call in the springtime? Are three of your clients interested in one product in your portfolio but not others? Do you have three clients that love the Swamp Rabbits and you have tickets?

Use “Tags” to add a sort field that matters to you: #Spring #ProductName #Hockey. Adding tags is just like adding a hashtag in your social media, but better. By using Tags, you can sort your clients by specific keywords to make a prioritized contact list. You can add a Tag to show that a product has been pitched, AND you can customize communication to reach JUST those that are most interested in the product that you’re focusing on selling.

And for managers, it’s easier to track current clients and prospects by using Tags as a secondary option to measure performance. The Tags can show potential opportunity, or show what has been pitched.

We understand no two sellers are alike. That’s why we didn’t create categories for Tagging. We’re giving you the power to create your plan, giving you the opportunity to find the organization that works best for you, your team, and your industry. And most importantly, you can customize your communication around your Tags to be focused in your sales efforts.

Get out of the red and get into the black. To learn more about Salesmanna, please email us at