Tips for Building Better Web Forms

Ever heard the phrase “Ask the right question, get the right answer”? Web Forms are one of the top ways we can learn about a potential customer or prospect before we even make contact.

One of the key goals of a web form is to help you identify the wants of someone who interacts with you. They’re looking for a desired outcome, and it’s your job to help guide them down that path. What are some of the key tips to understanding web form success?

  1. Make the form easy to understand. Studies show that the shorter the length of the form, the more likely you are to have someone answer all the questions.
  2. Ask questions that show distinction between clients. The last thing a client wants is to have their time wasted. Look to add questions that distinguish your customer’s needs so that you’re specific and credible when you follow up with them.
  3. Don’t always ask yes or no questions. It’s easier to help identify the unique nature of the request and garner better specifics for follow up if you know a touch more than yes or no.
  4. Make contact information a required field. This seems easy enough, but it’s easy to forget that the ability to follow up is the most pertinent information you need. Don’t forget that you can ask additional questions such as preferred mode of communication and how to reach someone.
  5. Bring value to desired outcomes. Ask the prospect how they’d like to receive follow up. Maybe they would like immediate attention, or maybe just to be added to your email list. You never know until you ask.
  6. Send an immediate follow-up before responding. A form email is fine, but specify in the email your thanks for their submission and when someone will respond.

Lastly, remember that the form is just one strong tool in the sales process. The most important piece in the process, is you, the seller. How you react to that information and how you follow up will be the key to converting prospects into clients.

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