What Sellers Really Need to Succeed

I haven’t ever forgotten that at one time, I was a very disorganized person. I needed a little organizational help in order to get more done. The Excel spreadsheets I had weren’t enough to keep up with the amounts of data and contacts I was making, and reminders on my Outlook calendar weren’t helpful enough to count as a “reminder” of who I needed to call on to make my level of activity really effective.

A few years ago before Salesmanna, a previous employer adopted a CRM system.  Surprisingly, most of my coworkers weren’t that excited. It wasn’t apprehension about learning something new, it was the time involved in setting up a CRM and organizing data to make a system work. “How much time is this going to take away from selling?” “What do I do if I need more training and don’t have the time?” We each brought our own apprehensions to the table when we launched a new product. And guess what? The good sellers were right. It took nearly an entire week of training to implement, and even then we still had flaws. If a CRM isn’t user-friendly, the adoption process will take too much time away from selling, and your best sellers will resent the software.

Flash forward to today, where I work with Salesmanna. Here’s a great example of why this software is different. It’s absolutely refreshing that I work with a program that is user-friendly, cloud based, and intuitively designed. I spent a couple of hours learning, and after that, I was ready to go.

I added my email address and calendar, and connected right away. It’s easy to add appointments, meetings, and reminders all in one place. Contact Management gives you the opportunity to work with multiple types of prospects and clients and set up a strategic plan of communication. I can create marketing campaigns without ever having to leave the software. I can mark the time off on my calendar where I need to make calls, and then prepare that call list directly from my contacts. Salesmanna creates transparency within the sales process for myself and my supervisor. The time that I spend with it makes me a better, more effective seller. And when I need help, my local Salesmanna team is right there to make sure I get answers quickly.

What a seller really needs to succeed is a software that is truly designed for them. Salesmanna is great for the seller that wants to get up to speed quickly. They don’t have to spend days in training, because the software is agile. It moves WITH them and aids them at the times they need it most.

Good sellers really do care about the time they spend in the field, actively pursuing leads, and Salesmanna will help them to be more efficient and take them to the next level.

Get out of the red and get into the black. Reach us at info@Salesmanna.com.