When Marketing Matters More: How Salesmanna’s email marketing can help you gain, and retain, customers

If you’re looking to protect or grow your share of business, you need a customer retention strategy. From an article in Forbes Magazine titled “Five Customer Retention Tips for Entrepreneurs,” a strategy to retain just 5% of your company’s customer base can result in a long-term growth of 75% of profits. How is that possible? It’s not just enough to demonstrate good service, rely on a great product, or demonstrate capabilities. It’s about the opportunity to remind customers of your value through a communications and marketing strategy.

I know what some of you are thinking… My sales team doesn’t have the necessary resources to create effective email marketing campaigns, much less the extra time. Well, here’s where Salesmanna comes in. Because of Salesmanna’s unique feature to create email marketing campaigns from our software and execute communication in an effective and timely manner, your team has the ability to attract new clients while working to keep existing ones.

Salesmanna provides the platform for your sellers to create multiple emails for different client subsets, such as marketing a diverse portfolio of products to select customers. It’s easy to create these marketing emails because the tools are built right into our CRM software. This application interfaces with your clients and prospects lists based on features you select, such as keywords. When creating communication, your team can simply differentiate between campaigns for prospective clients and existing clients to keep your marketing relevant to your customer base. This also ensures that existing customers receive the right kinds of communication… the ones that remind them of the greater value that your goods and services provide.

Reminders to create campaigns can be posted in Salesmanna’s dashboard area to keep regular contact with existing customers and with a level of frequency that makes sense for your industry. You can also track engagement by seeing who has opened their email communication.

The bottom line is that Salesmanna creates the pathway to execute a retention strategy, have consistent follow-through, save you time, and keep your sellers organized…. All in one great software. Isn’t it worth having a CRM software that provides the marketing tools you need to execute consistent communication?

Get out of the red and get into the black. Reach us at info@Salesmanna.com.