Why Salesmanna Reminders Work

Every good seller needs a little help every now and then, and the help that I need is with organization. In keeping up with hundreds of prospects, I’m always wondering what is the best plan to make consistent communication?  Have I called too much? Not enough? What happens when I am working with a prospect who asks me to follow up in two months?

Better than using tasks or reminders on other devices, I can utilize Salesmanna to stay on track and be more efficiently connected to my contacts. I have a phone, a cell phone, Outlook, Google mail, and more. But to really make a system work, the reminders need to be all in one place that I look at daily.

Salesmanna is that touchstone for me when I need to look at the overall picture of how to stay organized and have consistent, and politely persistent, communication. I need to know when it’s been one month, three months, etc. since I last followed up with a prospect, and there are two ways I can do this through Salesmanna.

The first option is that each contact has a frequency that I can choose for follow up. Sometimes it’s one month, three months, or maybe even weekly. I set up the Contact Frequency for my accounts based on each individual account’s needs. This isn’t time consuming. It’s just simply a matter of how often you want to be reminded to contact your prospect and selecting that reminder level in the prospect’s profile. You can create a customized length of time to follow up with each one.  As time rolls around to follow up, you’ll be reminded in your dashboard when it’s time to connect again.

The second solution that I use is the To-Do List, which I can use to add a reminder AND set a date to enact on that reminder. Those show easily in my dashboard, and will remind me if something is due or overdue.

In sales, the effort is all mine, as well as the implementation of my plan for success. So why have to worry about organization when you have a CRM like Salesmanna to make it easier?

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