Using Salesmanna, You’ll Always have a Team

Using Salesmanna, You’ll Always have a Team   

 You’ll Always have a Team


How to Create Teams  

Behind the scenes of your Salesmanna account, we encourage you to stay organized! Under the Teams tab, on the left of your dashboard, you’ll find out how you can organize and maintain your employees in a desired format, specific to your company’s needs.  

Let’s walk through the process. After you’ve clicked Teams, you’ll have the option to create a new team using the blue plus sign in the upper left-hand corner.  Once you have clicked to add a new team, you will see a screen similar to what you see below:

 New Team

The next step is simply choosing your team name. Many companies group teams together based on departments, manager positions, or sales team. However, one thing we love about Salesmanna is that you can choose to organize your company as you please!  

You can send conversation alerts by just checking the box under the Team name. If you choose to do so, you can receive alerts of contact between team members. 

Next, be sure and add a description and add team members to the desired groups. Once you create the team it will appear on the homepage for your employees to view.   

The main benefits of teams are:

-Creating Teams allows you to use each feature of Salesmanna to its full potential.

-Teams keep your employees organized and enhances communication within each department.

-Our Teams feature helps you tag your cohorts for streamlined tracking of goals and opportunities.

Sharing an opportunity with your teammates is vital for continuity of business. Don’t miss out on the collaboration that could be taking place within your sales organization!


If you have any needs or concerns related to filling and executing on your sales pipeline, please feel free to reach out. We are available to help and are happy to lend our resources to provide value. You’ll always have a team here at Salesmanna.